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AllyNova Tree Menu

Create JavaScript tree menu, CSS tree menu for your website with just a few clicks!

Usually, your website may have many web pages, and you build many text or image links for your visitors to link to these pages, but most of visitors aren't patient enough to find these pages. So we need to build a tree menu to navigate your website.

AllyNova Tree Menu is specifically designed to help with that problem. It adds a JavaScript tree menu to your website to make it more easy for your visitors to find things from and make your website looks more professional. It's easy to use and powerful enough for experts.

To build a professional JavaScript tree menu with this tool, what you need to do is just clicking on several buttons.

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AllyNova Tree Menu Features

  • Easy to use and powerful enough for experts, create JavaScript tree menu, CSS tree menu with few clicks.
  • Templates enable you to build various attractive and functional JavaScript tree menu, CSS tree menu.
  • Image library includes many useful background, box, icon, line images.
  • The style, font, color and all other aspects of JavaScript tree menu are fully configurable.
  • Publish wizard enables you to insert JavaScript tree menu code to web pages automatically.
  • Create site map based on tree menu structure, makes the tree menu search engine friendly.
  • The JavaScript tree menu is OS and web browser independent.
  • The JavaScript tree menu can be inserted to almost all types of web page files.
  • The JavaScript tree menu code is highly optimized, so the menu file size is small.
  • The global node settings make you no need to config most of the tree nodes.
  • Can add unlimited number of tree nodes and tree levels.
  • Can config each tree node separately or use global settings as default.
  • Tree nodes can be set as expanded or collapsed when menu loading.

AllyNova Tree Menu Screen Shots

JavaScript tree menu
AllyNova Tree Menu

CSS tree menu
New from Templates

CSS tree menu
Create Site Map


AllyNova Tree Menu Samples

Following are JavaScript tree menu, CSS tree menu samples generated by AllyNova tree menu.

Light grey
Sky blue


AllyNova Tree Menu Awards

Following are awards of AllyNova tree menu.

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AllyNova Tree Menu
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